ACL invited to participate in Global Airport Cities Conference 2015

Time:May 17 2015

Global Airport Cities Conference is held in Chengdu city from May 13thto 15th, 2015. The Global Airport Cities Conference is the most influential conference in the field of civil aviation, and this time with more than 600 participants is its largest once ever. The topic of the conference is “build the airport city together to drive the airside economy”, and ACL as the introducer and host of the first World Airport City Convention in Beijing in April 2010 were invited to the conference. Ms. Jiang Li, managing director of ACL shared the experience of planning, constructing, operating, and managing experience of decades in ACLP, she emphasized that the key to success is the interaction between inside and outside, the support from the industry, and the support from policy. It is also very important to have an expert team across the fields of real estate, logistcs, aviation industry, airport oeration, and other key industries.