Talents are the most valuable wealth and resources for ACL, in order to meet the business development needs, the Company recruits more capable talents from outside, at the same time, it pays more attention to the development of internal employees and the improvement of ability and performance.


The Company will give priority to the internal staff when a new job is generated, ACL pays attention to cultivate the high potential employees as the key positions and the reserve talents of management positions, "Whampoa cadets" project is preparing the talents for the Company development and effectively supporting the organization's strategic objectives to provide talents support. At the same time, the Company provides the industry knowledge, management skills, business promotion and other internal and external training opportunities to the employees, each employee can apply for it according to the needs of work and personal development, also can apply to become an internal trainer of ACL auditorium.


The Company provides competitive compensation and benefits to attract and retain the talents that tally with ACL's vision and values, perfect the level of system and the compensation incentive system of ACL, establish a performance-oriented culture, attract and retain the talents from all walks of life who have the ability of common development and the talents with outstanding performance to co-work with ACL.


ACL is a platform full of development opportunities and space, each employee will grow up as the enterprise develops. Welcome to your attention and join us!

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