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ACL leaders visited the Capital Airports Holding Company for exchange

Time:October 15 2019

On October 11, ACL Chairman Liu Renjie, Managing Director Hu Tianmu and their party, 5 people in all, went to visit the Capital Airports Holding Company (CAH) for exchange. CAH General Manager Han Zhiliang, Vice General Manager Wang Weiyu, Vice General Manager Du Qiang, Meng Xianwei, General Manager of the Aviation Business Department, and Cui Aijun, General Manager of the Flight Area Management Department, attended the seminar.
CAH General Manager Han Zhiliang expressed warm welcome to Chairman Liu and Managing Director Hu and their party and extended their gratitude to ACL for their efforts in maintaining the safety of the Capital Airport area during the National Day. He said that CAH and ACL are two companies with the largest land area management and ownership in the Capital Airport area. The two sides shall play the role of supervisory responsibility, shoulder their duties to defend the territory, and maintain and ensure the safety operation of the Capital Airport area. Mr. Han said that the air cargo in the Capital Airport has huge potential for development. The two sides shall cooperate closely together, use the opportunity of vigorously developing air cargo in Beijing and jointly promote the development of air cargo at the Capital Airport.
ACL Chairman Liu Renjie and Managing Director Hu Tianmu expressed their thanks to Capital Airports Holding Company for their hospitality and extended their gratitude, on behalf of ACL, to Capital Airports Holding Company for its support and assistance in various businesses in recent years. At the meeting, Managing Director Hu Tianmu introduced ACL’s current business development and strategic transformation. ACL vice general manager Jing Wenzheng reported on the implementation of ACL’s recent safety management. Then, the leaders of the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on promoting the development of air cargo in the Capital Airport area.
The two sides agreed that it is an important path to develop air freight incremental market and cope with the steady development of airport and freight-related businesses during the economic downturn by placing equal emphasis on both passengers and cargoes, tapping potential in the existing market, optimizing the existing freight pattern, developing innovative businesses such as apron transit, cross-border e-commerce, and bonded-exempt integration, and making model and mechanism innovation. The two sides expressed that they will further strengthen strategic cooperation in the future, enhance the added value of the Capital Airport area, and serve the development of the capital airport and air cargo market.