Airport City Development Co., Ltd. (ACL) was established in December, 2004, a limited liability company funded by Capital Airports Holding Company, Global Logistics Properties Co., Ltd. (GLP) and Beijing Hangda Investment Company Limited. Beijing Airport City Blue Sky Property Management Co., Ltd.and Beijing Time Translink International Logistics Service Co., Ltd. are its subsidiary companies, which are fully responsible for the development, construction, operation and management of the core of Beijing aviation city –The Beijing Airport City Logistics Park (ACLP).


The Beijing Airport City Logistics Park(ACLP) is located on the northern extension line of the second Runway of the Beijing Capital Airport, which is directly adjacent to the apron, covering an area of 2,889 mu, with the total investment of RMB 4.6 billion and the total assets reaching RMB 7 billion. By 2014, a total construction area of 562 thousand square meters had been completed, with more than 180 business customers in the park. The seven functional zones, such as the international air cargo terminal, the domestic cargo terminal, the international express center, the customs supervision area for import and export cargo, the bonded functional zone, ACL logistics park and office complex have been developed and constructed in ACLP, which Currently there are seven functional zones, which are International Freight Station, Domestic Freight Station, Express Center, Customs Supervision Area of Import and Export Cargo, Bonded functional zone, ACL Logistics Park, and ACL Building, with the eighth functional zone in development stage. ACL Park has increased the efficiency of customs clearance substantially, drove the development of the surrounding commercial projects of nearly 1 million square meters, and became the engine of the core business district of the Capital Airport and regional economic development. The strategy of implementing the interaction between bonded warehouse and non-bonded warehouse help constructed a gateway connecting the air cargo hub of china northern region, played a big role in promoting the freight service development of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei province, and north-east Asia.