ACL provides its customers with reasonable and efficient one-stop solutions including planning, development, and leasing, etc., and to ensure that it has the most suitable transportation, cost advantage, and industrial facilities.


The development and leasing of standardized facilities

ACL is committed to the design, construction and management of high quality general logistics and warehousing facilities, selecting strategic logistics distribution location, building the general logistics distribution center in accordance with customers' requirements in the aspects of specifications, standards, and so on, providing the distribution facilities to different customers with convenience and high price-efficiency.


Customized development & leasing

According to the personalized needs of customers (such as medicine, aviation materials, E-commerce, etc.), ACL provides its customers with a full range of customized logistics facilities, and with the help of a professional development team, plans your specialized logistics industrial park from site selection to development construction & property management.



Cardinal Health customized service warehouses


ACL deeply understands the requirements of Cardinal Health (Chinese) Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Cardinal Health”), thus designed and built a medically specialized warehouses for them. The purpose-designed warehouses are composed of controlled temperature and humidity warehouse, low temperature warehouse and Cryopreservation warehouse, which have been configured with the automatic shelving system, loft style shelves, and automatic sorting assembly line and other modern intelligent equipment. In order to help our customers pass the new GSP certification as soon as possible, ACL coordinated relevant government departments, and with the policy advantages of bonded area, helped the customers to successfully pass the certification within a limited time, which laid a solid foundation for the future strategic cooperation.

Aside from the the master warehouse in America, Cardinal Health's medicine distribution center project in ACLP is not only the largest in scale, but also the most intelligent pharmaceutical warehouse in the world.


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